How and why a muzzle brake works.
Muzzle brakes work based on redirecting exit gasses and their burned particulates against an impingement surface, for the most part the BIGGER the better. The more surface area you have the more recoil reduction you will get. Through the testing we have done, on calibers from 17 to 338, we found an increase in effectiveness up to about 1” in diameter, after that the increase in positive results diminished rapidly, that is why all of our brakes are offered in the 1” outside diameter except the 50 BMG brake which is 1.750 diameter. Our testing also proved that the smaller the brake the less effective it was for recoil elimination and actually increased the noise DBA level over larger diameter brakes. In our opinion from the testing we did brakes matching the barrel diameters of sporting rifles did nothing for recoil while increased the noise at the shooter by 20% and 35-40% at the bystander or spotter position.


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