Multiple changes have been introduced with the newer generations of the M.O.A.B/M.R.A.B base series. Below are a couple of the changes that have been done.

  • Gen 1 to Gen 3.5: Click here for detailed schematic.
    • Relief slot for pictinny base has been milled out.
    • Pivot point sholder bolt removed and replaced with a precision shaft for extra stability.
    • Elevation pocket has been milled out and opened up for new Collar and set screw.
    • Relief cuts have been added.
    • Elevation wheel changed from painted numbers to a decal and the elevation arrow marked has been moved from the 6 o’clock position to the 9 o’clock position for right handed shooters and to the 3 o’clock position for left handed shooters.
    • Threads added to adjustment wheel.

To complete this order you must send in your Gen 1 M.O.A.B Base to upgrage it to a Gen 3.5. The price of the upgrade is $95 plus shipping from you to us, and the shipping from us to you.