Custom Precision Bolt Action Rifles

Order your custom rifle to your specifications and needs.


For your Big game hunting, varmint hunting or ELR needs we can create a custom rifle to fit your needs. Built with a trued or blueprinted Remington action, or a custom action of your choice. Stiller, Defiance, Lone peak, GA Precision just to name a few.

We are happy to use a barrel to fit your needs, Bartlien, Kreiger, Lilja, Hart, Wilson or any barrel of your selection. Stainless Steel, Chrome Moly or carbon fiber. We offer a full range of chambering.

For the economy minded customer we can tune a Remington factory trigger or install any one of several custom triggers, For example Huber or Timney. Next is the stock, Bell and Carlson, McMillan, Greyboe, HS Precision and even old school WOOD. The choices are almost unlimited.

With so many choices all custom rifles will be Price on request and can be from $1500-$7500+.


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