Our first signature brake is named the “SHARK” due to its appearance of shark gills. This brake comes in all of the above thread configurations, taper turned from .984 diameter to .620, .750 and 860 diameters as well as in .984 diameter blanks, bored to .245 diameter and can be opened up to proper clearances for up to 375 caliber rifles. This design creates no dust imprinting. ½” threaded brakes can be bored for proper clearance up to and including 30 caliber. All others can be clearance bored up to 375 calibers.

We suggest installation by a competent gunsmith. Timing, concentricity to bore and brake bore clearance must all be finished. Brakes are supplied with a .245 bore. Please review table in the next tab Thru Bore Table.

Custom sizes available upon request. Contact Us for more information.